About Close Payment

Close Payment is a new suite of mobile services based on the Accumulate AB standard for mobile payments, Pera Mobile. Close Payment adds value to all stakeholders connected to Pera Mobile and mobile payments by introducing new and disruptive use cases.

Accumulate AB was founded in 2004 with the vision “Always connected everywhere”. Today, over 400 Million applications has been delivered and deployments based on Accumulates technology can be found in 20+ countries.

Accumulate AB is head quartered in Stockholm, Sweden, with offices in Warsaw, Lviv and Beijing. A global reach is achieved via a strong network of partners worldwide.

The Close Payment network

Close Payment protects the interest in the payment value chain and allows the payment scheme to extend its existing roles. Close Payment allows Payment Service Providers and Acquirers to future-proof their systems and services to comply with the growing demands in the market.

Close Payment is an added suite of services to Pera Mobile (www.peramobile.com) and participants.

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