A new beacon of light to guide you

Payments & proximity marketing like you have never seen before

About the beacon

The close Beacon is disruptive and will make mobile payments mainstream today!

With a streamlined checkout process and by converging physical environments with m-commerce, Close Beacons will redesign the shopping experience; as perceived by both customers and merchants.

The Beacon has a wide spectrum of use cases including contactless payments, virtual point-of-sales, location based promotions, store check-in, pre-order, virtual loyalty & reward programs, targeted and profiled marketing in-doors and out-doors, product information and much more.

Works with all existing point-of-sales terminals, cashier systems and mobile point-of-sales.

Supports iPhone, Android and Windows phone.

Close Beacon quick facts

  • Designed and produced by Accumulate
  • High security and integrity, protects against malicious attacks
  • Integrity control: only authorized apps & users can connect
  • Light to signal connection
  • Accumulate control of whole process for highest security
  • Fully cloud based service offering
  • 2 year functionality
  • 2 year warranty
The close beacon