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Add value to every transaction and beyond

Communicate with your customers before, during & after the purchase

Close Payment brings you a more flexible and cost efficient way to accept payments. And as we know, payments are just a small part of the customer buying cycle. We have also designed tools that will bring more sales to your venue! Whether you are a big or small merchant, Close Payment will give you the means to help attract customers to the store, interact with the customers in the store and communicate with the customers during the payment process.

Close will also give you access to a platform for new payment use-cases, post sales activities as well as loyalty & reward programs; bringing customers back to your store again and again.

Accept payment - How does it work?

  • Scan the goods
  • When your Close beacon detects the presence of the customer's phone, the beacon light turns on and the customer's app is automatically connected to you. This connection gives you the opportunity to communicate information to the customer before the payment is completed.
  • The customer receives a confirmation request and presses OK
  • Money will be sent to you and the receipt is printed as usual

What about the transaction?

The Close Payment transactions are processed just like a regular card payment! If your acquirer is part of the Close Payment eco-system, an addition to accept Close Payments will be made in the existing agreement. If not, you will be provided with a new agreement to be signed with a participating Close Payment acquirer.

Our packages

Check-out our different service packages and become a Close merchant today!


Close Payment Basic

Start accepting mobile payments today!

Welcome to quicker and easier payments, both for you and for your customers. With Close Payment Basic, you get everything you need to allow your customers to pay the way more and more would like to; with their phone!

  • Accept mobile payments in the existing payment infrastructure
  • Reduce the need for position locked payment acceptance terminals
  • Decrease check-out time

Close Payment Premium

Create more sales using proximity marketing.

Close Payment Premium gives you all the benefits of the Close Basic package. On top of that, you will get unique marketing capabilities with Close beacons and the ability to interact with the Close app users.

  • User profile- and location driven proximity marketing
  • Dynamic interaction with customers throughout the buying process
  • Increased customer flow and conversion

Close Payment Platinum

Personalized communication with existing and new customers.

Close Payment Platinum gives you all the benefits of the Close Basic and Premium packages. Close Payment Platinum also provides you with a dedicated space in the Close app, in which you can post targeted promotions to specific customer segments, display loyalty points and much more. If you do not have a loyalty program in place today, it is the perfect opportunity for you to create a virtual loyalty card which the user stores in the Close Payment app.

  • A direct loyalty channel to existing and new customers
  • A platform for new products and services
  • Payment and loyalty integrated in one flow

Spend more quality time with your customers!

With Close Payment Pre-order, you can allow your bartenders and service personnel to do what they do best; serve! Allow your customer to place the order and pay from the Close app. The menu can either be broadcasted via Close beacons, for instance placed on a table, by the bar or by the entrance. It will also be possible for users to access the menu in the Close app wherever they are, thereby allowing customers to complete the order before entering your venue!

Close Payment Pre-order can be combined with Close Basic, without any extra costs!

Close Pre-order benefits

  • Increase efficiency during rush-hours
  • No left-overs
  • Eliminate unpaid tabs


  • 1 x beacon / POS
  • Sales Statistics
  • Virtual POS interface
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  • +1 beacon / position
  • Marketing & beacon CRM
  • Marketing & sales statistics
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  • Premium + platinum
  • CMS for app space
  • Loyalty integration & set-up
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  • +1 beacon/point
  • In wallet or existing app
  • Pre-order CMS
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